Tips to Hire the Greatest Nanny

One of the most important decisions a parent can make is the choice of a nanny. The choice is often rushed because of a deadline for returning to work or being desperate for help around the home. A good approach is shifting from the perspective of "hiring" to one of "attracting." The following tips can help.

Make a List
All families have different needs and will require different types of nannies. One set of parents may prefer a nanny who closely interacts with a child at all times, while another set may need extra help with daily household chores. Being specific about needs will make the process easier.

Write an Ad
When searching for the greatest nanny, it is more effective to write an ad that outlines the benefits of working for the family. The ad should include basic values, parenting style and exactly what the priorities and expectations are. The ad should be closed with a salary range and method of contact.

Create a Candidate List
After receiving resumes, a short list of the best matches should be made. This should include notes of any concern, such as time gaps between jobs or differences in disciplinary technique.

Conduct Interviews
The interview process should be conducted in two stages. The first stage is one-on-one and should include questions based on values, such as the definition of play and how emergency situations would be handled. If the candidate seems like a good match, the second stage of the interview is allowing the nanny to interact with the child to assess comfort and connection levels.

Check References and Background
While it is important to check a potential nanny's references, calling the current employer should be avoided, as it could result in getting the candidate fired. If the person is unwilling to provide references, this should be considered a red flag, and the family should move on to another qualified applicant.

Make an Offer
The offer should be in the form of a contract that clearly outlines the expectations for both nanny and parents. The contract should include a clause stating the nanny is subject to a no-fault, three-month evaluation period in which the person can be dismissed for any reason.

The key to finding the greatest nanny is being clear about needs and using them to attract the right candidates.