Pick and pack distribution services for small business

What is pick and pack distribution?
Pick and pack distribution is a business solution that includes a combination of product processing, product disassembling, identifying relevant products for each destination and re-packaging and shipping.
This widespread system helps small businesses eliminate the high costs associated with shipping, storage facilities and personnel.

Savings with pick and pack distribution occurs throughout the entire process. This makes pick and pack a very smart choice for small businesses that handle numerous shipments to a variety of locations on a regular basis.
When choosing this management style, you should choose a well-established supply chain management team, this way, they can pass on their savings to you.

Some of the most substantial benefits of pick and pack occur in the warehousing stage. This stage allows your small business to lease just as much space as you need, a little or a lot. And, you only lease when you need it, so you are not paying for warehouse space that is empty, and are not required to do maintenance and upkeep on that same warehouse space. With pick and pack, maintenance is done for you. This helps to significantly cut your costs. This feature is also great for times when you want to buy supplies or products in bulk, and need to store them for a short time.

Shipping is another area that pick and pack can really help in. This type of management service will offer reduced shipping rates because the larger companies have history with major integrators, and they pass that savings on to you. This means faster shipping times and happier customers, too.

Finally, while order filling and shipping may seem quite simple, their success depends on a variety of things. Having a network of professionals at your fingertips who can fulfill orders and get them shipped is invaluable to your business's success.

Having these operations transferred to a third party means they become responsible for getting them done, freeing you up to do more on your end, and ensuring that the customers are satisfied.
Pick and pack services really take care of a number of different aspects of supply chain management, from printing labels and receipts to updating your inventory. There are so many benefits that come from pick and pack management, and these benefits contribute to the success of your business.

If you are looking to cut costs and make your small business more efficient, contact us today.