How Do You Win Getting a Lower Car Insurance Premium?

No one likes to spend too much on car insurance. The good news is that there are several things that you can do to lower the amount that you hand over to your auto insurance Ontario company each month. What are some of the tactics that you can use to lower your premium?

Pay in Full Every Six Months. One of the easiest ways to lower your premium is to pay in full every six months as opposed to making a monthly payment. When you make a monthly payment, you have to pay installment and other convenience fees on top of what it costs to insure your car.

Improve Your Credit. Those who have bad credit tend to pay more for their insurance as opposed to those who have good credit. To improve your credit quickly, you can resolve past due debts, reduce your credit card utilization ratio or pay down one or more debt balances.

Do You Have a Clean Driving Record? Those who have a clean driving record typically pay less for insurance than people who have tickets or recent accidents on their record. If you have recently gotten into an accident or have gotten a ticket, you can take defensive driving courses to offset much of it not all of the subsequent increase in your premium. Ask the experts at

How Many Discounts Are You Eligible For? Drivers may be eligible for a variety of discounts that will allow you to pay as little as possible for insurance. Common examples of auto insurance discounts include good student discounts, no-claims discounts and safe driver discounts for those who haven't gotten into an accident in the past year or more.

Make Your Car Safer. Cars that have anti-theft technology installed in them could qualify for a lower premium. This is because the car is less likely to be damaged or stolen by thieves. Installing a car alarm or using a product such as The Club to render your car undrivable are two common anti-theft measures that drivers use. Parking your car in a garage at night is another way to make it less likely that your car will be stolen or damaged.

Your insurance premium is based on many factors that you may be able to control. By paying your premium in full, installing anti-theft devices on your car and taking advantage of discounts, you can lower your insurance premium and lower the overall cost of owning your car.